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Had an ace time at nightmare... i possibly danced for 4 hours... hmmm. YAY!!!

also this....

flyer for jan
Well i was certianly on the bounce last night! Had an ACE time at Kryo.. the music was ace and there were tons of cool people... sometimes you get nights where everything comes together, music, atmosphere etc and last night was one1 (well done you guys...)

ANyway.. danced loads which was cool. Not been up to much really, having two deaths in the family makes things a bit weird and i have been quite sad... but in the word of Joss (and spike)

'you'll get along,
the pain that you feel, you only can heal by living.
You've got to go on living...'

So i guess i'll do as much partying as i can! Nightmare next week Woohhhhhhh! yeah!

At Bunkers Hill


£2 entry

DJs Daxie Sparkles and Cognition playing 80s, 90s dance, electroclash, pop remixes, mashes, party tunes, dance floor favourites...

It's party tunes for alternative people only!

Check out the setlists on the website...

Hiya folks!


This Saturday Bluesilver will be held at Bunkers Hill.

Basically kudos have let us down with the venue but we have managed to get the upstairs room at Bunkers Hill from 9pm till 1pm. It will be just £2 on the door.

So come along for a night of eighties, classic party tunes and electro.

This might well be the last one for a while as we need to find another permanent venue!




Bunkers Hill

Saturday 25th November.

Thanks and hope to see you... Daxie x

(please can you drop a comment on here if you think you might be popping along...)
Please feel free to post this on any other boards, forums etc...

No enormous flyer this time... *sheepish grin*

Bluesilver TONIGHT...

Downstairs at obsessions


Very cheap drinks.

£3 before 10.30 £4 after.

There is not one in august, due to Infest.
Just a reminder that Bluesilver will be having it's first night in the new venue this coming Saturday.

It's downstairs at Obsessions, drinks are really cheap, 2 for 1 on pints and some bottles.

Doors open 9pm till 2am, £3 before 10.30 and £4 after.

It's cheaper than the pub and the music is better!

For anyone who hasn't been, we play a mixture of 80's, 90's electro pop, new stuff, anything vaguely electro sounding, wicked mash-ups, random club classics and most requests.

And the new venue is ace!

See the website http://www.bluesilver.org.uk
Join the live journal forum http://community.livejournal.com/bluesilverclub/

Note... there is no Bluesilver in August as it falls on the same weekend as infest... the next Bluesilver will be September.
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Just been on myspace and discovered there is no sunglasses tomorrow night. Don't know any details why or how or what but thought i'd pass it on...
Just a reminder...

I have set up a bluesilver community for info and requests etc.
Anyone can join it- inc. non-members. It's here...



X daxie X